Thursday, November 24, 2005

Machan - Mana Ho Tum

Blogging was a buzz word running around me for quite sometime. I always wanted to do it, but its sad that I am pushed and motivated to write a lot, at the sad loss of one my most inspiring friend, Manjunath- well sweetly called Machan. People have written and spoken a lot about the incident. I am so heavy on heart that I cannot even think of what happened to him. I would just want to go ahead and write more about him.. Well, its not so difficult to identify this not so tall guy out on the road. You are in KGF, Mysore or Lucknow, its the informal hour of the day, you find, a simple human, in his trade mark shorts, t-shirt and chappels walking with a sprint in his bowed legs, and if your ears ear a loud hum... Well its a certainty that Machan is just walking by.. Don't worry, you needn't take pains, he will pick up on you if he knows you.. And even if he doesn't, smile is something for sure will be given to you in abundance. This is how you can hunt him when he is alone.
Well there is a huge gathering and a bunch of people are having fun, Don't worry even there you can find him, because everyone will be dancing to his tunes. Well, since the 19th of this month to see the above things in past-tense is difficult. Its difficult for me even more because I had a call from him just a couple of weeks back. He promised to drop in to my place cause he didn't attend my wedding.
Life has been a real roll-a-coaster ride for him. He was an average guy at school, not very good at studies, but good at everything including studies. Being very good was never his hunger. He just wanted to be good, good enough to be a nice person. At school he was an ace volleyball and football player. During our sports tours, he was the key man to keep the home sick guys pumping!
At college, (well i was his junior even here) He was an icon in the hostel. Loud songs in the corridor, loud songs in the bathroom, well if there was a lull and silence in the hostel, for sure Machan was on vacation joined SJCE mysore in 1995. I followed him the very next year. Right from the first year he made us feel at home in a new place. Never has it been during those days that, new joinees will rule the stage during Jayciana. It was all because of him. He formed a small group called the LOKAL BOYZ who rocked the stage with their skits and mad ads. I was proud to be a part of that team. He was an excellent actor. He could be a dog, a girl or Verappan on the stage. I still remember the mime we did in CFTRI, he was awesome.
Such a simple multi-talented guy finally choose to be a part of IOC and serve at such a place in India where human values are burnt in open fire. These are the places which have spicy stuff for all crime reporting programs. I burn with anger when I think of this.
Manjunath always believed in one thing- Its not important to age with grace but also to and grace to every year in your age. He was calm collected and always ready to face anything. He always felt do good and only thing that will happen to you is you will get luckier...! but he was wrong! Doing good cost him his life. He is gone.. but i would want to slap him and make him realise what an void he has left. See you mate.. I know you are there when we come up there.
Well mind says, you know so much about him.. go on.. but my heart grows heavy and my hands freeze. So I stop...
The next course of action from the JCEITES will be to.. educate everyone through every medium how to identify adultrated petrol and to report to the right channel whenever they find this. We would have done justice to his sacrifice if we can atleast get 50 bunks to clean up!
Anyone who knows how to identify adultrated petrol, please to add in your comments to this blog. Also do post your email address while you write in your comments cause like minded people need to keep in touch.
Here is a link ! This link has more info on the same.

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